Dehcho Regional Launches New Scholarship Program

Media Release

Dehcho Regional Helicopters and its fixed-wing division Dehcho Airways are pleased to announce the launch of several new scholarships for youth interested in pursuing careers in the northern aviation sector.

In addition to the $24,000 already available for would-be Aircraft Maintenance Engineers open to all youth in the Nahendeh portion of the Dehcho, the partnership has now broadened its support to include studies related to other aspects of the industry as well. The cornerstone of these new offerings is a $30,000 annual scholarship for Dehcho students accepted into the Career Pilot Program offered through the Discovery Aviation Academy.

“The Career Pilot Program is designed to graduate commercial pilots who have the experience and real-world exposure to make them employable in the Canadian aviation industry,” said Joanne Deneron, President of Dehcho Regional. “Working as a commercial pilot in the North gives our young people a chance to build stable, long-term careers in the NWT after graduation, but getting the required training is the first step.”

As well as the new Fixed-Wing Pilot scholarship, Dehcho Regional also unveiled its new Aviation Support Services scholarships.

“Aviation is about much more than pilots and engineers. With this in mind Dehcho Regional has created an additional tool to assist youth in their career goals without forcing them into the wrong streams by also promoting all of the non-operational careers available through our industry,” she said. “We’ve now made Aviation Support Service scholarships available to those studying in many areas leading to jobs in accounting, logistics, human resources, dispatch, business administration, sales and marketing, community relations, in-flight paramedics or even senior management. It takes a diverse team of experts to run an airline, not just pilots and engineers.”

Application Process Streamlined

In an effort to make it easier for young people to access the funding, Dehcho Regional has also created an online scholarship portal as part of its new website Mandated by the Board of Directors through the company’s Regional Human Resources Development Strategy, students can visit the site to learn more about careers in aviation; access the program’s rules and application process; and, download a PDF version of the application form.

“We’ve set out to remove barriers for our young people,” said Deneron. “Their job is to work hard in school and learn the skills they need to help build the NWT of tomorrow – it’s our job to ensure they’ve got the financial support they need to get there in the first place.”


100% Aboriginal-owned Dehcho Regional combines the business arms of all seven Aboriginal groups in the Nahendeh portion of the Dehcho Region to form an aviation powerhouse. These partnering groups include: Liidlii Kue First Nation in Fort Simpson, Acho Dene Koe First Nation in Fort Liard, Pehdzeh Ki First Nation in Wrigley, Fort Simpson Metis Local 52, Nahanni Butte Dene Band, Sambaa K’e Dene Band in Trout Lake and Jean Marie River First Nation. We also draw on the vast experience of Great Slave Helicopters and Air Tindi, which conduct all flight operations for the partnership, to deliver safe, efficient and professional aviation solutions around all corners of the Region.

Operating from facilities in Fort Simpson and Fort Liard, no other aviation firm resident to the Dehcho offers the same reach and scope of services as the Dehcho Regional partnership delivers. No other operator provides the same level of benefits to communities and residents as Dehcho Regional with a range of youth and women’s wellness grants as well as a detailed scholarship program. In 2010 Dehcho Regional’s corporate success and regional cooperation earned it the coveted Business of the Year Award from the NWT Chamber of Commerce.

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