Dehcho Regional Helicopters, together with operating partner Great Slave Helicopters which conducts all flight operations for the partnership, enjoys a stellar reputation when it comes to safety, efficiency and customer satisfaction. With more than a decade in operation, Dehcho Regional can offer clients a range of single and twin engine turbine helicopters, along with our team of people who believe in providing exceptional service. Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Mine Support & Exploration
  • Forest Fire Detection, Suppression & Support
  • Oil/Gas & Seismic Exploration
  • IFR and VFR Flight Operations
  • Wildlife Survey & Ecological Tourism
  • Aerial Geophysics & Environmental Impact Surveys
  • Aerial Construction & Precision External Load Applications up to 4,400lbs.
  • Utility Construction & Maintenance
  • DND Military Support Missions and Emergency Response Call-Up
  • Air Ambulance and Remote Medevac Emergency Response Services
  • Executive Charter Services
  • Film /TV Production & Aerial Photography
  • Utility Infrared Integrity & Pipeline Fugitive Emission Inspections


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